This is day nine in the #Reverb10 project.

Party. What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

To answer this, I need to back up one week into 2009.

About 12:30 pm on Christmas Eve to be more precise.

It was a small, intimate gathering of five.

But joyous, nonetheless.

It was filled with sighs of relief.

Extreme excitement in calm, controlled bodies.

Quiet, whispered voices.

Patience. More patience than we thought we had for a day filled with seven days worth of anticipation.

Colorful, inviting imagery peppered the walls, so that “sterile”, “cold” and “scary” would not be part of this world’s vocabulary.

Wishes and hopes were sent up to be answered from child-sized furniture.

This family’s wishes and hopes were answered because of the dedicated and gifted people behind the doors.

Seven days earlier, Mila was born with pneumonia.

On this day, she came home.

After seven days of her brothers wishing they could meet her, but not being allowed because of rules about age and H1N1.

After seven days of parents juggling kids at home, baby in the NICU and a mom recovering from a c-section.

After seven days of waiting for Christmas Eve, not because of Santa, but because of the best present of all…

the perfect bookend to our family.

We celebrated at home, alone.

With patience while the wee one slept with her doting brothers nearby.

With quiet voices.

With careful cradling by inexperienced arms.

With lasagna.

With ice cream cake.

With love.


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