Well, I’ve been gone a while. I survived two December birthdays, four Christmas celebrations, 16 hours in the car traveling with an infant, a new bag design, a fun little party with friends, back-to-school for the boys and back to teaching for me.

Whew! I’m pooped!

Actually, today was the first day of me back in the classroom, and for the first time in a long time, I feel on top of things! I so enjoy meeting new students on the first day. Two truths and a lie never seems to get old on introduction day.

Now, on to other things, namely a few words on the Reverb10 project.

I enjoyed the prompts for the first 17 or so days. They really stimulated some great thinking on my part which lead to some good blogging (I think). Toward the end of the month though, the prompts seemed to cover the same ground for me. This was the case for my Reverb10 partners, Katie and Sara as well.

For me, having a baby late December of 09 really was transformational. This is not something that I expected quite to the degree that it happened because she was the second, not the first.

Maybe it was the drama that followed my girl into the world.

Maybe it was the fact that she arrived a long 9 years after my first baby.

Maybe it was that my circumstances were so drastically different this time around (married, at home versus single, working full-time and in grad school).

Whatever the reasons, once I covered certain ground, the prompts just seemed to cover territory I already covered.

It was really fun to read the prompt in the morning and mull over it throughout the day.

It was really fun to write.

It was really fun to read what others had written.

So here’s to more writing and more reading in 2011!




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