I still have two outstanding Christmas gifts to sew.

I know. I suck.

The problem is this:

I knew what I was going to sew for both of these gifts – a set of three re-usable “snack baggies”.  I bought supplies and spent a lot of time thinking about how to do it. But something kept preventing me from actually making them.

It just seemed like there was an inherent flaw somewhere in my plan that I couldn’t get past even though I couldn’t “see” it. This feeling prevented me from sewing them.

Then it became clear what the inherent flaw was.


Specifically, the leeching of chemicals from non-food safe plastic.

You see, I was going to use vinyl from Joann’s as the basis for my eco-friendly baggies because it looks so neat sewn with a lovely splash of fabric.

This vinyl is not food safe. Particularly not after repeated washing in, say, a dishwasher which was my whole COOL thing about the baggies.

I made a test version for myself and it worked pretty well. Specifically, I felt like it was sanitized with a good washing in the hot box.

Since this revelation, I have been inundated with great ideas for these two women. This was the WHOLE reason why I decided what to make for them way back in November!

I have to bite the bullet, make a decision and sew.

Because I’m mailing these gifts on Monday!


2 Comments on “Decisions”

  1. Emma says:

    You’re right, there are some great laminated cottons out there that are made specifically to be food-safe/BPA-free. But I’ve only seen them online, not at Joann’s! Good luck with your decision, I’m sure whatever you make will be appreciated.

  2. […] for the two most understanding ladies in my life! Because I didn’t think through my first idea, it took a while for me to narrow down something special for each of them. I’m happy with how […]

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