New Look

I changed the look of the blog. Mainly because the old template squashed the pictures, and it was decidedly uncool.

This template has a bit more room…maybe just enough.

Fingers are crossed.

The new header has some of my favorite fabric right now. Well, some of my favorite fabric I have on hand.

I cannot wait to make a bag for me and a skirt for Mila out of the punctuation fabric. Which, incidentally, matches beautifully with the shower curtain I bought and used for Jack’s room makeover!

I’ve got to sew something FAST because I saw this which would make an awesome Mila dress or Sherrie purse or something for the hubby…not sure what yet.

I also ran into this which would make a great bag for a gal I know. Or me.

This reminds me of my trip to Europe ages ago and vising all sorts of wonderful art. It would look wonderful as a skirt. For me.

This and this will be my two favorite summer shirts, and it is on SALE!

How will I ever get my work done when there is all this sewing to do???


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