14 Days of Dinner

I’m struggling this cycle for dinners.  I am really in need of new meal ideas even though I tried at least three new recipes in the last two weeks that were winners.

Unfortunately, I have a tendency to bring out winners too frequently which, of course, turns them into losers.

I asked for input on this menu, but no one offered a thing.

Well, that is not true. I had one request for chocolate chip cookie bars. (BORING)

I looked through an entire year’s worth of Everyday Food and a new cookbook from the library and still struggled to gather 11 recipes!

The hubby works on Monday nights, so the kids and I usually do something he doesn’t dig. This could be brinner (breakfast for dinner) or Jimmy John’s like tonight. YUM!

So, here is what we’ll I’ll be cooking over the course of the next 14 13 days:

  1. tacos and refried beans (for my birthday dinner with family)
  2. pork tenderloin (new, this got pushed from last time) (Mommy missing night)
  3. chicken and wild rice soup
  4. beef stroganoff (this got pushed too!)
  5. pork chops with pineapple (new, from Everyday Food June 2010, couldn’t find it on website)
  6. cheese steaks (new, from Everyday Food June 2010, couldn’t find it on the website)
  7. chicken with couscous and orange (new)
  8. one pot chicken with brown rice (new, Mommy missing night)
  9. loose meat sandwiches with homemade french fries
  10. lime steak fajitas (new last time and a REAL winner!)
  11. baked meatballs in au jus

A dessert on the try list includes lemon poppyseed cookies (Everyday Food, June 2010) which may make an end of the cycle appearance after the birthday cake highs wear off.

I have been thinking about the gooey, sweetness of my favorite coconut pecan frosting for days now in preparation of my birthday. I cannot wait!


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