Bacon & Brinner

How do you cook your bacon?

I hate, hate, hate cooking bacon on the stove because of the splatter factor. Even with one of those stupid splatter guards.

So, one day when I was watching America’s Test Kitchen on PBS years ago, they addressed this issue very ingeniously.

They baked the bacon. Who knew?

So simple, but so out there at the same time.

In fact, when I bake my bacon when people are at my house, they are in awe. The same awe I was in after seeing it on tv!

I immediately fess up and say I didn’t make it up, but saw it on PBS.

That immediately quashes any doubt.

Until the fire alarm goes off from smoke caused by splattering grease in the oven.

I’ve never had a fire, never even had “smoke” billowing out of the stove, but that alarm goes off every single time anyway.

All you need is a baking rack and a rimmed cookie sheet. I add the tinfoil to make clean up easier too.

Bacon is on the brain because tonight was brinner night.

The choices laid out before Jack were pancakes or eggs baked in toast cups with bacon.

To my utter shock and delight, he selected the latter.

So, I cut the crusts off four slices of bread, buttered both sides and shoved it into the first pan I found which happened to be a mini loaf pan. (I was heading for a muffin pan, but the mini loaf was a lot closer and easier to get to.)

I toasted the bread in the oven like this for about 10 minutes, then I added the lovely free-range, local farmer who delivers to my house on every second Wednesday eggs and a pinch of salt. I then covered with a small slice of bacon, but next time I’ll leave that off since they didn’t get crispy.

(Ignore the pan wonkiness.)

I shoved it in the oven for 15-20 minutes, during which time I made poppyseed cookies, the perfect zingy companion to this savory dish. (I cooked the cookies in the toaster oven.)

I’m making more of these cookies, and I’ll post the recipe later this week. They were perfectly lemony, not really sweet.


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