What I’ve Learned in the Last Week

A beautiful 55 degree spring day is wonderful, but is less so when it is followed by a 25 degree day.

A good chunk of the day should be devoted to watching the squirrels and birds outside your window.

This $1.50 find from the restaurant supply store is handy for more than just sugar cookie flooding. It made the counter top a lot less messy when I made pancakes!

A Christmas cactus that begins to bloom in March is a hopeful sight.

When I take the time to “buckle down” and sew, I love it. It makes me think I can actually sew this for a fraction of the cost.

When I saw this tutorial, I knew I’d make a necklace and a wreath. Must buy a chain, and a foam wreath to complete these projects this weekend. I felt like I was channeling Katie the whole time!

Sometimes when you round the corner, you unexpectedly see your 14 month old baby sitting on the top of the table coloring with crayons. After you are done panicking, you think it is cute. But not cute enough to leave her to get your camera.

Applying for what you may consider your second most desired job can still make you feel sad because the timing is all wrong.


One Comment on “What I’ve Learned in the Last Week”

  1. Katie says:

    Wow, our last week has been SO similar, it’s scary. Mila is SO stinkin’ cute!!

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