The Crafty Trap

I am not crafty. In fact, I’m about as non-crafty as one can be. Yes, I can sew, but sewing is very different than crafting.

But, I sometimes start to believe I’m crafty.

Case in point: for at least the last year, I forgot that I wasn’t crafty. One would think that I would have realized sooner than 12+ months that I was barking up the wrong tree.

One would have underestimated my persistence then.

The main problem is that my Google Reader is filled with at least 10 crafty blogs that make me believe that I can craft.

I blame it mostly on these creative sisters, this designer, this ambitious mommy and this inspiring cali mom.

I realized how far I’d slipped from reality yesterday when I found some quilt blogs that I hadn’t visited in a long time. Soon as I saw some of these quilts, I immediately realized I had the wrong tree. Which is not to say that I in any way could possibly make any of these quilts.

I get excited when I see the crafty stuff, but my heart skips a beat when I see some of these quilts.

Let me introduce you to:

Nettie’s crosswalk quilt at a quilt is nice. It is so much fun to see fabric I have used in a quilt!

Nettie’s adorable potholders:

Nettie’s neighborhood baby quilt (swoon):

And the work of Lu Summers of summersville…check out her flower on top quilt and her porthole quilt. WOW!

And Ashley over at Film in the Fridge never disappoints. Check out the Greenfield Hill quilt, the Innocent Crush Rectangle Squared quilt and this colorblock plus quilt made with gnome fabric! Her wonderful husband holds up all her quilts for her to photograph no matter the season.

Since de-stashing is one of my 2011 goals, I think the inspiration had perfect timing!


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