You know it’ll be a good weekend when…

you grab all this out of the dollar cart at the grocery store on a Saturday morning. $10 total for six Rubbermaid containers that match our containers AND eight cloth napkins! Aaron told me to go back and get the rest of the Rubbermaid, and in the time I walked a total of 10 feet (five each way), it was all gone.

All week long I was looking forward to the coupon sale at Joann’s. I actually figured out what I needed and wrote it on the circular since I always lose the list when I write it separately. I knew it was going to be crazy with the sale, and I had a gift certificate to spend from my birthday.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find fabric for an Amy Butler travel bag I’ve been wanting to sew, but I did find other wonderful goodies…

Such as this pattern ($1.99) that was screaming to me, “SHERRIE! Look over here!”, and this mod fabric in a lovely gray and yellow (40% off) that will be made into look A (blue) before summer.

And this lovely summer fabric (40% off) yearning for look B (green) ($1.99 as well). Also, those pants? Hello! I’ve never made pants before…

And this romantic fabric begs for a 30% off skirt for summer. The leaves beg for a tank at $2.49/yard!

Remnants were 50% off, and I’ve been wanting to try some knits for Mila. I see a cute tank dress in her future…

Another tank dress along with some cute matching yellow pants…

And this find was by FAR the best deal of the day…Sew Serendipity by Kay Whitt. (40% off)

The pattern instructions look easy to follow which is good because I want this tunic asap! Unlike the mod dress pattern above, these sleeves will cover my postpartum arms.

And the jackets in here! Blazer-type jackets, winter coats, mod jackets, good grief! The possibilities are endless!

Thanks for the gift certificate mom!

Can you come watch this baby so I can get some sewing done?


4 Comments on “You know it’ll be a good weekend when…”

  1. Sara says:

    I LOVE the grey & yellow fabric you got for the dress – that will look so cute! And all your other fabrics, what deals!

    Post your projects as you work on them!

  2. Katie says:

    I was contimplating buying the gray and yellow fabric! I absolutely love it. Agree with Sara, post as you work!

  3. […] is just the nudge I need to get sew something for me ONCE or twice. Considering I purchased some wonderful patterns and fabric already, I’m already […]

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