I did publicly state that I was not crafty earlier this week, but I did work on completing a crafty project before throwing in the towel.

I saw a completed one somewhere on the internet before Valentine’s Day and knew I’d be using sale candy to complete this project.

Last weekend, I bought the straw wreath ring for 50% at Joann’s. In the days following Valentine’s Day, I purchased five bags of candy hearts for $1.00 TOTAL.

Not including the hot glue which was in my craft box, this project cost me $2.50 and two nights listening to the tv while gluing. However, it did take a LOT of hot glue.

I love how colorful it is!

If I were to do this again, I’d be more careful with the main circle around so it doesn’t stray.

This used every one of the five bags of candy except for the few that I ate. Really, I only did eat a few.

I am going to try a jelly bean wreath post Easter. The main problem I see is that this wreath is at least 5 pounds, and jelly beans are heavier. Maybe I’ll have to look for a smaller wreath.


2 Comments on “Crafty?”

  1. Jakki says:

    You are insane!! If a candy heart wreath isn’t crafty, I don’t know what is…

  2. Sherrie says:

    In the time since posting this, I realized that it was complete ludicrousness to make a wreath out of jelly beans!

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