Spring Break

The kids are out for Spring Break which means there really isn’t a break at all around here for me.

What it does mean is that I get to try out new dessert recipes like this though!

Normally, I’m not the eat and drink junk kinda gal, but during Spring Break, I pull out the stops with some Pop Tarts, Pizza RollsMr. Pibb and Fresca (for me).

This Minnesota gal also took her family up to MOA to RIDE the rides for the first time EVER! The kids had a great time with cousins. I survived babywearing for several hours and several miles of walking while the older kids took in the rides. We shoved all nine of us around two high tops in a pizza joint one busy night and enjoyed pizza, beer and conversation. Unfortunately, we have several pictures of cousins and no pictures of adults! It was so much fun though!

I’ve got 23 midterms to grade, a load of wishful sewing and a terrific book I’m enjoying. It’s only Tuesday, and my fingers are crossed.

I did, however, find time to DONATE to the Japan relief efforts. I am constantly reminded at how fortunate I am at this moment in time. I am also reminded of the resiliency of the human spirit.



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