a walk away kind of week

It is so easy for me to walk away from this blog for a week at a time. Particularly when I fall into the ruts of “life” which is to say barely keeping my head above the chaos around here.

Days are nicer which means going outside to play with a 15 month old. In case you don’t know, this involves picking up and dropping balls repeatedly. Then, doing it again. It also involves pointing at squirrels and birds. (This I like.)

Soccer practice started last week, then it snowed twice.

Rediscovering the sofa table under all the junk.

Having difficulty getting into my book. It is tough to follow this.

Thinking class prep is about an hour, only to finish three hours later.

Adding to my list of homemade birthday and Christmas gifts with fun and interesting finds.

Planning April Fool’s jokes.

Unfortunately, it is has also been a difficult week with family near and dear to me. The kind of difficulty that makes you want to yell and scream and cry, but instead you walk away and cry instead because you realize that the divide is large, oh so large.

I’m not good at walking away silently. I prefer to let people know exactly where I stand (stood) before I start walking away.

But, this time I’m learning something because someone else’s silence is deafening. This silence screams approval of the trespasses. It is crushing in its effectiveness.

So, I am silently walking away this time though it goes against everything I believe in. It goes against fighting for what I believe in.

Damn divide.




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