the Easter Bunny has help this year

It was freezie weather today for this neighborhood!

It is Saturday night, and my house is nearly 80 degrees because of the incredibly beautiful day we had today. I’m all right with that when it is April. July, not so much. I’m enjoying the heat while sipping a CC7, my favorite drink of summer until the mint leaves are ready to Mojito.

I’ve been wanting to try this for a couple weeks, and what better than a 80 degree house to help the dough rise? I originally saw this over at Annie’s, but have seen it pop up a few other places since then. She says to put on ALL that sugar, but I just couldn’t. I stopped about 1/4 cup short.

Just got word that the UMD Bulldogs won the Frozen Four! I attended college there for one year and absolutely LOVED it. Ended up loving my alma mater more, but there are few places more beautiful than Duluth.  The hills. The view. The Lake. The campus. The hiking. The pizza.

God, I love that place.

This week, Jack, out of the blue, came out after waking up and said, “I don’t think I believe in the Easter Bunny anymore.”

Mom: Well, why is that?
J: Well, it is pretty impossible for a BUNNY to carry enough stuff for all the kids in the world in a basket ON his arm. I mean, really! I don’t think so.
M: (in my head) Yet somehow Santa CAN??? (out loud) Who do you think does it then?
J: Parents.
M: Are you sure you want to know the truth? (nod) Yes, it is the parents.
J: I thought so.
M: Well, this kind of works out well because I have an idea…

While it was fun to play Easter Bunny for the first few years, it starts to wear on you as the kids get older and more numerous and harder to buy for. Plus, these kids have generous grandparents who don’t miss a single holiday. Because of this, I’ve been thinking that more participation from all would be a lot more interesting and fun.

My idea, then, was that we put everyone’s name in a hat and draw. You purchase $10 worth of items to fill that person’s basket for Easter morning. Mom will still take care of the candy.

After I shared that parents would pay for the $10 per person, Jack was all for it. Since Troy was here this weekend, Jack couldn’t wait to draw names and go shopping.

So, tonight at dinner, we drew names. I got Troy; Mila (who was shopping with me) got Daddy.

Jack immediately started fretting about what he could get his person.

After dinner, we headed to the dollar store where we each grabbed a cart and started shopping. On the way, Aaron was not convinced by any of it. He only saw that we were going to blow $50 (5 people x $10 each) at a stupid dollar store.

For the first 10 minutes, Aaron was completely cart-less and sulked. Then, from behind me, I heard a familiar voice ask me if I were to choose an ice cream scoop, which would it be?

Hehe. I knew he’d come around!

In passing, I mentioned to that familiar voice something I would like.

We lined up cart behind cart at the check-out with each cart bagged separately. Each kept his or her eyes away from other carts.

On the way home, Jack said how he really thought hard about each purchase to make sure the person would like it.

I (heart) that! It was EXACTLY what I was aiming for!

Mila and I chose for Daddy several things that he could really use. Traditional flavored Tootsie Pops (he HATES the new flavors), bubbles (Mila cannot get enough), a back scratcher, flash cards to share with M, daddy loves some good radishes and he loves to plant flowers for his M, shower scrubbie, lint roller, car wash rag-thing and fake money (since Dad was saying how he was wasting his money).

For Troy we also choose many things he could really use! Gatorade, pocket tissues, a tripod for his Flip Video, pencils, chapstick, Chiclets!!! (it took a lot of control to not grab those for my own basket!), ear plugs, candy that Mila nabbed and stink bags.

Initially, I thought $10 was too little given that I spent more than $50 on Easter for two kids, but next year I will probably lower it to $8 per person, particularly if we stick with the dollar store.


3 Comments on “the Easter Bunny has help this year”

  1. Katie says:

    I LOVE this! I mentioned this to Drew. He doesn’t think that we should do Easter baskets for one another. I was SHOCKED! I love doing these silly things, so I tried to convince him a $10 max at the Dollar Tree. When we ran there the other day, I gave him PLENTY of ideas, and he found some himself. I can’t wait to start a tradition of our own Easter baskets.

    I just have to keep reminding him that some day we probably won’t be in the mid west for Easter. He will be disappointed to wake up Easter morning without a basket waiting for him.

  2. Katie says:

    Haha. OOOPPPS. That was supposed to mean that Easter baskets will stop coming from “Mamma Easter Bunny”.

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