I’ve been busy…

busy unexpectedly ripping a kitchen floor out because of water damage,

busy ignoring the drywall dust ALL over my laundry room and finding irony in the fact that my clothes actually enter the room to get clean,

busy getting out of town for a long weekend so the hubby could (unexpectedly) tile the kitchen floor,

busy returning to clean grout dust off of EVERY surface and enjoying the new floor,

busy doing less gardening than I should,

busy hosting dear friends for food and sewing and fun and chatting,

busy reviewing papers to see what was learned in school,

busy being sad about my oldest baby graduating from FOURTH grade. How did this year go by so fast?

My cousin’s wife Shannon told me at the beginning of the year that fourth grade is a game changer…they change SO MUCH in so many ways. You think you have more time with them when fourth grade starts, then it ends, and they’ve matured and changed and grown and inched away from you just a little bit more when June arrives.

I didn’t believe her then.

I believe her now.

I started to cry when his teacher sent an email about a zoo field trip this month. There was absolutely nothing in the email that should have led a non-hormonally charged woman to begin crying. Except I’m a mom of a fourth grader who can get on a charter bus at 6:45 am for a field trip to a zoo almost three hours away and return home at 5:45 pm exhausted and weary and thrilled that this milestone has passed. (I was the one exhausted and weary and thrilled BTW.)

I HATED fourth grade. Mrs. Hallow threw Amy B’s desk against the blackboard just a split second AFTER she jumped out of it. Her books went flying. It was shocking for so many reasons, not the least of which was the fact that Amy’s mother was the Police Chief of the neighboring town.

I learned that kids die too when a neighbor kid who was in the other fourth grade died along with his mom in a car crash.

Fortunately, Jack thrived in fourth grade: the teacher, the curriculum that incorporated kinesthetics and art regularly, the reading.

At least I have all summer to prepare for fifth grade. My favorite grade.


2 Comments on “busy”

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