sew along

I’ve got a special sewing buddy. Her name is Amber. We met via Deborah’s sewing buddy meet-up thingy.

Turns out Amber is able to churn out a LOT more than I am, and she churns out a lot of clothing. We decided to do a sew along to get us back on track with our sewing goals. We both have some big stashes, so we are going to use what we have.

I’ve also invited Emma, a local sewer I know, to join us.

Amber and I both are sewing Rae‘s spring ruffle top together. Emma has chosen a different pattern.

Monday’s goal was to take measurements, select fabric and cut out the pieces.

I’m using an old Pottery Barn sheet I had that is super soft for the main part and a lilac coordinating print for the straps.

I had it in me to get the strap placement correct since I have a meeting tonight and will have limited time. I think it is going to look great despite the dark photograph.

Amber’s tank is going to be adorable too!

Check out Emma’s progress here!

Tonight is bodice assembly. Fingers crossed!


4 Comments on “sew along”

  1. Emma says:

    Thanks Sherrie, amazing how much more motivated I was to know that we were sewing “together”! Your top looks like it will be super cute! Dave has an evening of family fun planned tonight, since it’s his first day off for the summer, so I don’t know how much sewing I’ll get done. But I’ll keep you posted!

  2. […] you up with someone who can help you plow throw the sewing projects that you HOPE to get through! Amber is my buddy, and I’ve got to say that I have been more productive in my sewing because […]

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