Sew Along Day 3…or 7

All sorts of things came up between day 3 and day 7 including urgent work that required hours of my evening sewing. I was able to complete the tank on day 7 though!

Yay to completing SOMETHING!

I mostly like the way the tank turned out. I think the ruffles are a bit large though. They do, however, cover the straps of a nursing bra which I’ve found to be unusual in a tank! Because my torso is so short, I cut the tank length from 20 to 14 which is much better. I also did not add the pockets.

I really like the square top since scoop necks seem to be too revealing for me when I bend over.

I also added another topstitching detail because I didn’t think it looked as professional with only the one.

Lastly, I used a rolled hem foot to finish the bottom.

It takes practice to get it right, but it is so worth it! I used to spend a HUGE amount of time ironing the hem twice for the hem to be straight. I had the foot, but didn’t know what it was until I saw posts popping up all over the place a few weeks ago. Now, I’m hooked!

Amber’s shirt turned out great AND she paired it with a pair of jeans she scooped up from The Gap for only $2.37!!


Hey, Amber I LOVE those shoes too! I can’t believe they are crocs!

Emma got a bit frustrated with her pattern and hasn’t posted her final top yet. I’ll keep you posted!



2 Comments on “Sew Along Day 3…or 7”

  1. Emma says:

    Hi Sherri, cute top, really! I think I might have to try that pattern. Looks way easier!! I have mine almost done, but it’s a bit too small. Everything I make with commercial patterns has been too huge, so I compensated by making a smaller size…didn’t work this time! Oh well…thanks for the sew-along!

  2. Sherrie says:

    Thanks, Emma! I’m sorry to hear about your shirt being too small. 😦 Let’s do another sometime!

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