loving this fabric!

My friend Sheri wanted me to make her a purse and a matching insulated lunch bag which is ironic because her sewing adventures several years ago greatly impacted my willingness to start sewing seriously.

She chose fabric I bought a couple years ago for MYSELF, specifically for a purse! I offered it up to her because I figured if I hadn’t done anything with it in that long, it was time to go to someone else. I didn’t mind one bit. Until I started sewing the purse she wanted! Then I was sad that I hadn’t made a purse for myself because it looks EXACTLY how I thought it would. Which is to say GREAT!

I tried a few new things with this purse…elastic cased pockets and water bottle holder

and funky flower pins to add some detail to the bag.

The lunch bag is channel quilted…my new favorite! I just love how this looks!

Enjoy, Sheri, enjoy!

What can I make from the scraps?


3 Comments on “loving this fabric!”

  1. Loving the fabric! So many things you could make from the scraps, mini bunting, a pincushion, a log patchwork pot holder, some funky applique…..

  2. Katie says:

    LOVE the idea of a patchwork pot holder. The family we lived with in Iowa had some that she bought at a flea market. They were ADORABLE and looked easy to make.

    Whenever I have little scraps, I make bookmarks. Drew made fun of me at first, but now he is dying for one!

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