I heard this song on the radio today while in the car driving to work.

I sang my heart out while smiling because when Jack and his little ten year old friends hear this song, they rock out too. It is so fun to see them giving it their all including special emphasis on “a Ferrari.”

I need to remember this when he is running around with these same friends at 17 past curfew.



Yesterday’s daily email from the school I work for included this call for volunteers:

Last time, it was ferrets. 

If your rabbit is interested, contact me and I’ll give you the info!

I love working there!

Listening to the Funnies

Troy and I are home alone tonight. Aaron is at a meeting, and Jack is at my mom’s house for the week.

Troy is soooo funny. He remembers practically every detail about everything that we’ve done or seen. So, tonight, he is retelling stories of Jack….of why we LOVE Jack. Troy is always very funny in the retelling because he just tells all these random thoughts that pop into his head. My brother Jay used to do this when we were kids which I think is amusing.

Remember when….

Jack FREAKED out on the small roller coaster at Mt. Olympus in Wisconsin Dells?

You had to bribe him to ride a second roller coaster at Mt. Olympus with an airbrush tattoo AND cotton candy and he said that if he survived this roller coaster he would NEVER ride another roller coaster?

We were in the car waiting for Jack and my dad started backing up really slowly and Jack came out the door and froze and was all panicked like we were going to leave him?

Oh yeah, and the other day when Rachel (our summer nanny) was here, I fell and cut my elbow, and Rachel asked where the wet cloths went and Jack grabbed it and walked into the kitchen and threw it on the floor (a specific spot on the floor which is where we put the dirty dish towels/rags/etc. prior to transport downstairs to the laundry) and Rachel said, “Uhhhh, are you sure?” and Jack said, “yeah, that’s where they go.”  (He told the story in ONE sentence just like I wrote it.) I bust out laughing and told him that that story was really embarrassing because we do keep the dirty cloths and towels in a STUPID (though convenient) spot. Troy said, “I know.” Then he laughed.

The Rumbling Begins…

I just got this email from Aaron…

Aaron pours himself a bowl of raisin bran.

Jack: “I’m going to warn you about that cereal. It will make you fart a lot in the morning.”

Aaron: “It does huh? Is that what happened to you?”

Jack: (pouring himself a bowl of raisin bran) “yeah”.

Two hours later and the angry sounds of methane trapped in my colon are literally interrupting other conversations at the staff meeting.

The mare and the Governor

Aaron: My co-worker came in late to work this morning because her mare died.

Jack: What?

Mom: Her horse died.

Jack: That is too bad that her horse died. How did it die?

Mom: I don’t know.

Jack: So, what about the governor dying?

Mom: What??? A horse died.

Jack looking very confused and then I realize the problem.

Mom: A female horse is called a mare, but it is NOT a mayOR.

Jack: Oh, I was wondering what you were talking about.

I think I can teach you

Jack really gets into singing the chorus to songs on the radio. One of his favorite things is to have me sing the first part of the chorus so he can wrap it up strong.

So, this is the context for this statement from Jack last night after we were singing along to Out of My Head by Fastball.

“I am such a good singer. I bet I could teach someone to sing really well in a week. I bet I could teach you to sing really well in two…no, three weeks.”

I just revel in the fact that he knows that well is an adverb and good is an adjective!

25 Random Things About Me

This is going around Facebook, and I absolutely love reading the lists of people I know. Here is my list:

1. I love to read.
2. I would nap every day if I could.
3. I had my tonsils and wisdom teeth removed within two months of my 30th birthday.
4. I’ve never had a broken anything (beyond heart) or stitches (except for during labor but those don’t count).
5. I used to regularly fall out of my office chair in Rochester because I’m so damn clumsy.
6. I’m a grammar and editing whore…Mr. Turk would be so proud!
7. I cried like a baby when I was 32 and a cap came off my tooth at work. My friend Jakki knew not to laugh and immediately called the dentist for me.
8. I’ve had two cavities in my life.
9. Intolerant people piss me off…really, how does a gay couple’s marriage threaten me or my marriage?
10. I miss my best friend from high school.
11. I would drink a cup of coffee and eat a generous slice of apple pie every morning for breakfast if I could.
12. I nearly moved to Italy with my son for a Roman dentist I was in love with.
13. I absolutely love being a mom, but sometimes I wonder why God let me be a mother when I miserably fail at it sometimes.
14. Even though my brother Jay hasn’t spoken to me in at least 15 years, I brag about his accomplishments whenever I can to anyone who will listen…YES he is an animator for The Simpsons.
15. If I could teach English, History or Business at a community college tomorrow, I would stay up all night long making lesson plans.
16. I love to cook for guests and my family, but can’t make gravy to save my life.
17. I would take a homemade ugly birthday cake any day over a purchased store bought one.
18. I am so proud that I earned two college degrees, started a career, bought a house and had a son all without a man. (Well, a man was involved for the latter but only briefly.)
19. I only completed my master’s degree because a family member showed up every single Monday night for two years to watch my son so I could go to school. They all came to my graduation ceremony too.
20. I am always surprised when my husband tells me I’m beautiful.
21. I was on speed dial with the principal my son’s kinder year.
22. My husband and I don’t share money. Absolutely none.
23. You couldn’t pay me to stay home and take care of my kids all day long. God didn’t build me that way.
24. When Jack wanted to know how babies came out and how babies got in, I told him.
25. I would be happy listening solely to National Public Radio and never listening to music.

I would add one more that I was surprised I didn’t before.

26. I love my step-parents and think of them as bonus parents not as people married to my parents.