A Refinishing Project

Aaron picked up an old post office cabinet from CraigsList. It was painted in post office gray, and over the course of about a week, he has stripped it down to the white oak (he thinks). The next step is selecting a stain.

Aaron worked really hard on this and at first I thought it was going to be neat, but now I think it is going to be great. I’ve almost got a spot picked out in the house for it.

Here is a side view. Of course it is going to be difficult to get up the stairs since it is heavy as hell! When Aaron opened up the drawers, he found a map of Sioux Center, IA, post office training materials, and best of all two, count them two, 1989 Barbie Dolls barely clothed and in their boxes. He checked what they were going for on ebay, and it was the same price as the price tag!

I can’t wait until it is done!! I like it when Aaron finds cool stuff and makes it look nice for ME!