good movies

Inception – Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?? Jack NEVER keeps his mouth shut during a movie, but he was too busy thinking to talk during this one!

True Grit and Crazy Heart – Both good stories told very well with superb acting by Jeff Bridges.

Rome (HBO) – Fictional account of factual circumstances leading to Julius Cesar’s rise to power in Rome through Octavian’s coronation, who he adopted as his son. Very interesting, engaging characters that led us to reconfigure our Netflix queue to minimize lag time between dvd’s.

The World’s Fastest Indian – Inspirational true story, Anthony Hopkin’s character easily finds the good in everyone.

Dan in Real Life – True, sad and hopeful. When he danced, he danced like my husband. I love that family.

Lars and the Real Girl – Tender, sweet and original. Makes me believe my sister would totally support me through a melt down despite her thinking me nuts!

Big Night –  Stanley Tucci, Italian food and tempers.

Air Guitar Nation – a documentary that was surprisingly interesting. I put it in the queue one night while I was tired, and we really enjoyed it. Reinforced my belief that Finland is where I want to live.

The Station Agent – Different, original and interesting.

Letters from Iowa Jima – The futility and dehumanizing nature of war is something we need to be reminded of regularly.

Veronica Mars (all three seasons) – I didn’t like it at first, but now I really miss it! A. said that Veronica filled the hole in his heart that Buffy left.

Waitress – Pie is the centerpiece not to mention a wonderful little film by a woman who died too soon.

Curse of the Golden Flower – Do you need to say much more than Yimou Zang & Chow Yun Fat?

Volver – Unusually “normal” for Pedro Almodovar

Amelie – Gnomes, great hair, and France…what more do you need?

Maria Full of Grace – Yes, this really happens.

Miss Potter – A brave woman breaking barriers.

Water – The third of the Deepa Mehta’s elements movies.

Prairie Home Companion – This one surprised me with its message. I really liked it.

Word Wars – A Scrabble documentary….these people are incredible! You will never play a game of Scrabble the same again.

Once – Beautiful music, a lovely story and independent.


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